As night falls, six red shadows arise. One by one, they start chanting. For those who have left, for those who are forgotten, for those who are broken.

From their strings and drums, flutes and voices, rises a music that is sometimes savage, sometimes melancholy. Their tunes call for the fire that binds people, the fire around which we used tell stories and sing our memories.

Six pyromancers are the beating heart of Flamesaar. Six people and a lyre, a nyckelharpa, a cello, flutes, drums, vocals, and a forgotten world full of stories to remember.



There is nothing here...



- Upcoming -

26/05/2024 - Les Anthinoises 2024 - Festival de Wallonie des Musiques Celtiques, Avouerie d'Anthisnes

- Past concerts -

30/03/2024 - Trolls & Légendes 2024, Lotto Mons Expo, small stage, 11h30
21/12/2023 - Yuletide - La Lorgnette, Mons (Flamesaar trio)
11/11/2023 - Concert Chez Zelle : Erlendis & Flamesaar, Louvain-la-Neuve
12/11/2023 - Idavoll Presents : Daridel & Flamesaar, Binnenweg 4, 8000 Brugge
12/08/2023 - Les Estivales de Trolls & Légendes, Mons
01/07/2023 - Grande Mêlée Vikings, Parc du Château de Ham
04/06/2023 - Dragonia, Château de Ham-sur-Heure
03/06/2023 - Dragonia, Château de Ham-sur-Heure
22/05/2023 - Stage Riddle of Steel 2023, La Fresnaye
13/05/2023 - La Sauvage : Fête du Renouveau, Ferme de Buffle d'Etroeungt
31/10/2022 - Samain 2022, la Porte Noire, Brussels
07/08/2022 - De Fer et de Feu, Rebecq
06/08/2022 - De Fer et de Feu, Rebecq
19/03/2022 - Flamesaar's First Flame, Cultural Creative Corner, Kraainem


Please, feel free to reach us at flamesaar [at] gmail [dot] com.

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